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Default How you SHOULD Be Making Your Logos (1 of probably a few)

The thread "How do you make your logos?" has been quite a busy one, with a fair few replies. Unfortunately, a lot of the information that has been posted is, frankly, wrong (all angry emails should be sent.. well, anyone else, actually.. just not me, I'll only ignore them).

So, in a bid to foster some understanding of logos and how to develop them, and hopefully to get a bit of discussion going here (maybe some name-calling too, if we're really lucky) here's part 1 of:


The Bumfluff Guide to Making a Logo

What's a Logo For?
Okay.. first step. If you're going to make something, you need to understand what it is you're making - after all, if you were asked to design a house and you thought they were something people used to fly with, you wouldn't make it as an architect. So what is a logo? What do they do? What, in short, is it's purpose?

To help answer that, a (very) short history lesson. Back in the oooold days, everything was made by hand. Clothes, bricks, saucepans, you name it. Then there was the Industrial Revolution and people figured out how to invent machines that made this stuff so they could spend more time on the patio drinking beer. So suddenly, you had loads of mass produced goods on the market, with little to tell one company's product from another. So this is where branding comes in, and the first step of that is the logo - basically, an identifiable mark so that people can tell which company made which product.

So the basic purpose of a logo is to tell one company's product (or service) from another's.

These days, although the basic purpose remains the same, the techniques of branding have become much more sophisticated and so the requirements of a logo have become more involved. Before we look at what those requirements are, let's take a look at what branding is.

Branding - What's It All About, Then?
A logo is part of branding. Branding, as we've said before, is differentiating one company's product from another. That's the short answer. These days, it's also about associating a product with certain values as well. The idea is, if you associate particular values with a product, you get people to emotionally identify with them. If you're emotionally attached to something, you're more loyal to it. If, for example, you have an emotional attachment to Charmin toilet roll, you're less likely to cheat on it with say Kleenex.

So a logo, as part of overall branding, has to reflect the same values as the overall brand. In fact, everything to do with that product should portray it's associated brand values. If you have a product that you want representing family and togetherness, you wouldn't be creating a logo that looked like a hooker in a g-string. Or at least, you wouldn't do it twice..

You've probably figured this part out yourself now, but the first step in making a logo is identifying the brand values. As part of the branding process, the logo (along with everything else representing the product/service) should visually communicate those values. So talk to the client, find out what their brand values are. It may also help to talk to their customers as well - sometimes the customers have a different view of a company's brand values than the company itself does. Identify what it is that needs to be communicated through your logo and then we'll look at how to do that in part 2*.

*No, I'm not sure when that'll be. Check back in a couple of days or something. Bugger off.

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Default Re: How you SHOULD Be Making Your Logos (1 of probably a few)

So many people jump right into an endeavor without considering the long-term plan that will ensure success.

Whenever I discuss logos with clients, I always reference:
- Apple
- Nike
- McDonald's
- Coca-Cola

In a split second, people recognize the brands and have near-instant recognition of the strength of the brand and its reputation. Achieving that recognition is not an overnight process - it's getting and keeping the brand in front of the public, over a period of time, reinforcing and publicizing the brand.

Carefully consider what you want to represent. You may be tied to that image for far longer than you ever imagined.

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Default Re: How you SHOULD Be Making Your Logos (1 of probably a few)

logos are a dime a dozen... but recognizable logos... now thats the ticket right there
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Default Re: How you SHOULD Be Making Your Logos (1 of probably a few)

thanks for your info...
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