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Find Accountants
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Default Re: Article writing

Thanks for that Franticfish. Very helpful.

And guess wot? I didn't write a single article over the weekend! LOL! I'm sure I'll write one, one day : (
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Frantic Fish
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Default Re: Article writing

I wrote three - gonna get a stash together so I can have a backlog ready to publish (one every fortnight or so but keep the odd spare one for when there's not a lot going on). Write a few more this week then it's time to get to grips with WordPress.
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Jed Wylie
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Default Re: Article writing


Most people forget that they are actually experts on their business subject. Your expertise in your field far outweighs all of your clients and those who would be interested in your services. So, write from the point of view that you have knowledge they don't. You'd be surprised how interested people can be in something which seems mundane to you.

I think the key to writing is to relax. A relaxed writer comes over well and naturally develops an air of confidence with the reader.


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Telephone Techie
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Default Re: Article writing

When writing articles for your website it pays to consider making them 'linkbait'. This means they are so interesting, humorous or useful that your visitors are then motivated to promote your website via their own website, social bookmarking sites etc. Well written linkbait also has the advantage of providing yummy keywords for Google to nosh on.

I wrote an article about email addresses and submitted it to Reddit.com; someone else then submitted it to Hacker News. That day our website received over 19,000 hits (normally it gets about 15 hits/day). We had two more minispikes (aftershocks?) when people bookmarked it on Delicious. Dozens of blogs linked to the article, ensuring a constant trickle of hits even now. It's now has had over 25,000 hits, which is 25x more than the homepage itself!

This page has some ideas for writing linkbait:


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Default Re: Article writing


Put yourself into the customers shoes. Provide newsworthy content with emotion attached to it. If you provoked a laugh, a smile or a chill into the reader, I bet you he is going to know and read more about it.

Just a though,
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Default Re: Article writing

Use the Google keyword tool to find out which are the most popular phrases relating to your business. It's completely free.
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Internet Marketer
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Default Re: Article writing

Originally Posted by Find Accountants View Post
Can anyone give any tips on how to write articles?

What could a person write which would be interesting enough for other's to read?

For example, my web-site is targeting people who are trying to find an accountant, hence I need to get ranked for key phrases like accountants blackburn, but what could be interesting enough to target this particular key phrase?

Any tips would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.
It sounds like you know something about accounting so this should be easy for you.

Do a search for 3 or 4 articles that you feel comfortable with on accounting and use them as your base ideas. In other words thy will help you over come writers block. Write an article of about 400 to 500 words. You do not need to reference your keyword in the article, you put your keyword in the authors resource box linking back to your website

I did a search on Google with allintitle:"accountants blackburn" and you have a competition of about 425. UK

This should be easy for you to get to page one.

By the way your keyword is only searched for 390 times in a month is that enough?

Have fun
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Default Re: Article writing

Another tactic that I use occasionally is to write a post on anything at all, even completely unrelated, then put the anchor text link in a byline about yourself at the bottom, and maybe a headshot or something
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Default Re: Article writing

The best thing to do is to sit down and write a list of subjects and themes for your articles. Once you have these topics it is easier to prepare the copy you need. They only need to be about 200 words each.

The other thing to do is to search for news articles on your subject areas and use these to form the basis of each article. I am not saying copy the article but comment on it as a news story and bring it in line with your company message. You could use local stories as well as national ones.
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Default Re: Article writing

IMO it depends if you are after backlinks or traffic. Personally I write unique content for my website/blog/clients and then re-write for article directories. Finally i spin (google article spinning) the sh!t out of it and submit it everywhere else. Unethical - maybe, but it works - at least I make sure the spun articles arent gibberish and at least offer some value - but these are just for backlinks.

Generally, keep articles 300-500 words, keywords in the title, no more than 2% keyword density and a couple fo links in the resource box.

Theres no right or wrong way, just varying degrees of effectiveness.
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