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Default Re: Is SEO Dead?

Originally Posted by bumfluff View Post
Quick(ish) thoughts:

As I see it, what search engines are working towards is a system where the rating a page has is not able to be influenced by the owners or their promoters. The difficulty lies in establishing a system that can assess and rate a page's usefulness without user input - as soon as a person's input is required, the system is open to manipulation (an example would be the use of backlinks to rate a site - now we have forum spam and similar problems because of that).

I don't personally think that such a system is possible, at least not as a quick fix that can be applied by say, a new search algorithm. Search engines don't have the intelligence needed to quantify something like usefulness. I think you'd probably have to have some sort of AI solution for the judging a page's relevancy to a particular search.. the results may even take into account previous searches and other available information (IM profile info, for example) and not just the words typed in.

Having said that, there would still be a need for SEO. Any new method would still be acting on a site's content (although probably not on backlinks), and someone would still need to optimise the site for the new ratings method. Typical SEO things like deciding to optimise for niche/mainstream keywords and so on would still need to be done. The main difference would be that SEO efforts would concentrate on the page/site itself and not so much on things like inbound and outbound links.
i agree with this, in particular your opening statements on removing owner control/influence on rankings. I think they have a two teired system. Entry level is a giant sand box where no one ranks well enough to get more than 10-50 hits a month. Using a page rank approach, to get higher, the site is mannually inspected by a british internet police inspector. Whist there is AI in place, these people override it. So they'll look at a site, assess it visually, and determine certain things. at an early stage its probably quick, but if they appear valid they are allowed to the next level, 50-100 hits a month. if they trigger higher alerts ie, more attempted traffic, say 200 people looked for their services, but they only recieved 100, then they are reviewed at a higher level. thistime they might look at you political status. are you a subversive? how much do you earn? this way they can allow badly seo'd site into the full flow of internet traffic whilst marginalising a certain segment.

i think platinax is a prime example. Brian has put in loads of effort, but the site still doesnt generate more than a handful of posts a day. the system is keeping him down. there are other forums that get thousands of posts a day were its hard to stay on top with your topic. Why? maybe they think Brian, as a sole trader, has enough?

i know you'll have exceptions. of course, they dont control the internet. Its like nature, man doesnt control nature, but it will kill penty of rats, effectivly suppressing the rat population.

etc etc
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Default Re: Is SEO Dead?

Something, somewhere is always going to determine the order of priorities set by Search Engines. So not only is SEO not dying, but it cannot die. The bottom line however is are we talking about SEO as we understand it today, or any form of optimisation per se?
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Default Re: Is SEO Dead?

As long as search engines exist, there will always be SEO
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Default Re: Is SEO Dead?

Seo is dynamic and thats why the search engine is changing its search engine results all the time. Sometime its really hard to update your self with the new techniques.
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Default Re: Is SEO Dead?

As long as SE exist SEO will exist ...
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Default Re: Is SEO Dead?


SEO is dead is just the monster of lockness. We might see it someday, but we really donít believe in it.
Personally I would elect SEO as the one of the departments that saved many while in the most steepest recession period 2008 and 2009 awards.
SEO will never die. It might change its techniques, methods and tools but it will never be discontinued. One of the reasons why can be found on the link unerneath suggested.

Blogstorm - /seo-industry-in-2010-new-look-for-blogstorm (I m still not allowed to post links but do please check this post)

Bye for now,
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Default Re: Is SEO Dead?

I see this question a lot. The way I see it so long as there are search engines then there will be some level of seo.
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Default Re: Is SEO Dead?

with reference to your inital post, working within seo myself. I would not count banner ads or email marketing as SEO.

And i would disagree that seo is dying, infact i would say it was thriving. The amount of business's that are now seeing the value of carrying out seo and ppc work has increased significantly in the last year, and we have seen this through our growth in client numbers.

Although seo is ever changing, and it is far to say that some methods of seo are 'dying' these are always replaced with newer ones. Which is always to be expected when you are working within a platform that is forever changing, as the internet is.
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Default Re: Is SEO Dead?

Let me ask you a question,
Is Google dying?

Google is just 12 years old. Still a child. There are over 40 Billion searches done daily.

If you are at the top of the search engines you are making a killing!!

Yes social media is awesome. but why not do both! In fact you should be using several traffic sources.

I think its a bit of a silly question
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Default Re: Is SEO Dead?

Email - Noise/Signal ratio has destroyed what was once a great communication medium. Does email still work? Sure. Do people spend large parts of their marketing budgets on email? nope. Like banners, email has become relatively ineffective for lead generation or customer acquisition without an extremely targeted (read expensive) list, or a massive (read spam) list.
If you create your own list with SEO you don't need a budget. Buying a list is a waste of good money
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