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Default Patent Search in Intellectual Property Service

The Patent search team typically comprise of Patent Agents and technology experts in various areas. A team can be formed as per the composition and relevant experience suggested by the client to serve their needs. We currently offer the following patent search services:

Sequence Search: Biological sequence search is necessary to assess to patentability of patent documents disclosing biological sequences. This kind of search and analysis is very complex and time consuming search and analysis.

Structure Search: This is necessary to assess to the patentability of chemical compounds or a chemical series. It can be searched using specific structure or generic structure covering array of compounds.

Patentability Search: This search shall be conducted prior to the filing of a patent application. This search further determines whether the inventive concept publicly available anywhere in the world in the form of a patent document or any other literature.

Validity Search: This search determines the absolute novelty at the time of invention. This is very exhaustive patentability search wherein the claims are validated against all prior art.

Infringement Search: An Infringement search determines whether an enforceable patent claims the same subject matter as your concept or unpatented invention. This search compares a set of written claims against claims of relevant in-force patents.

Clearance Search: This search is also known as “right-to-use” or “freedom-to-operate (FTO)” search. Determines whether a party has clearance to make, use, and sell an inventive concept.

State of the Art Search: Comprehensive search of all available patent and nonpatent literature. It doesn't focus on a single invention, but assembles all references that relates to a particular technical field.

Informatics Outsourcing has experienced team in place for providing Intellectual property services. The team consists of Patent agents, PhD and Master level scientists in science and technology areas to carry out projects professionally. Our quality professionals will provide you with the requisite knowledge and skills in each project.

Informatics Outsourcing
Intellectual Property Service
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