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Default Best cloud-based phone service?

I'm looking at different phone systems for my business. and although a lot of them look quite attractive, I would prefer to have a cloud-hosted solution. The need for organised on-site backups, and IT compliance, means I'd rather have the security of having all my data hosted off-site. It also means I should have pretty good business continuity in the event of a technical failure.

Anyway, I've looked at various ordinary solutions, such as Avaya, Mitel, and Nortel. However, I'd prefer to have a hosted solution in the cloud, so that I don't need to worry about my data storage at all.

There are surprisingly few providers around for cloud hosted phone services, and I've narrow it down so far to PMC Telecom: Hosted Cloud Based Phone Systems for Business - PMC Telecom

The question is, does anyone here have experience with getting the best out of a cloud-hosted solution? Are there any specific pointers and questions I should be asking before I sign up?
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